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Are you searching for luggage storage in Barcelona? There are many reasons you might find yourself in need of a luggage locker in Barcelona.

Maybe you have arrived too early at your Airbnb or just checked out with plenty of time before your flight. Also, most museums and galleries around Barcelona have no left luggage storage service available.

Why lose precious moments of your trip carrying your heavy luggage around the city? Learn more about luggage storage options in Barcelona in our detailed guide.

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Why Store Your Luggage in Barcelona with Stasher?


Your luggage will be safely stored in areas accessible only to staff members, who will attach security tags to each of your items. In the unlikely case that any of your items get lost, Stasher has you covered for up to €1000 per bag.


Twenty-four hours of Stasher luggage storage is just €6 per item, and you’ll pay only €5 for each additional day! You won’t find more economical luggage storage at traditional transportation hubs, often imposing size and weight restrictions. 


You can choose convenient Barcelona luggage storage locations that match your itinerary. Additionally, you can select estimated drop-off and pick-up times that suit your travel plans. Moreover, you can always decide to collect your bags early or leave them for a few more days. You’re free to change your dates and times with our app or notify the StashPoint location or Stasher’s customer service,

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About Us

After witnessing the increasing costs, limited availability, diminished security, and discontinuation of traditional left luggage storage at transportation hubs like airports, bus depots, and train stations, Stasher’s founder chose to make it easier for travelers to store their luggage.

The First Luggage Storage Network in the World!

Starting as a small startup in London, Stasher has expanded to include over 2000 fully-vetted locations in more than 400 cities around the globe. We send a member of our security team to each of our Barcelona luggage storage StashPoints to ensure the safety of your items. When you drop off your bags, our partners will place a security tag on each of your items, and Stasher storage comes with a complimentary insurance policy covering up to €1000 per item.

Stasher maintains a 4.8/5.0 ranking from over 20,000 verified customer reviews on Feefo. Our ground-breaking luggage storage service has earned us recommendations from the BBC, Lonely Planet, and The Guardian. Feefo, Phocuswright, and Visit England have also awarded Stasher for our outstanding customer service.

How It Works

It’s easy as 1,2,3! Follow the instructions below.

  1. Search: The most convenient way to book with Stasher is by downloading our user-friendly luggage storage app for your Android or Apple device. Alternatively, you can use your browser to navigate to Simply enter “Barcelona” into the search bar. If you’ve already arrived in Barcelona, you can click the “Near Me Now Button” to find the closest luggage storage locations. 
  2. Find: Choose the most convenient Barcelona luggage storage location and enter your estimated drop-off and pick-up times.
  3. Book: Reserve your luggage storage, and we’ll send you a booking confirmation with directions to your StashPoint. All you need to do now is drop off your luggage and enjoy Barcelona!

Customer perks include:

  • Up to 50% savings over traditional left luggage facilities
  • Flexibility to change your plans
  • Fast and easy online booking
  • Discounts on long-term storage
  • Ability to pay instantly by PayPal or credit card
  • No size or weight restrictions
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 customer service

Whether you’ve just arrived in Barcelona and have some time to walk around before your check-in or late-night flight you probably don’t want to drag your bags along with you everywhere you go! So if you are asking yourself, “where can I leave my luggage in Barcelona?”, we can help!

Where Can I Leave My Baggage In Barcelona

There are ample luggage storage options in Barcelona’s major transport hubs. Venues such as El Prat Airport, Sants train station, and Estacion de Nord have luggage storage lockers on the premises. In this article, we are going to be investigating the costs and the particularities of each option, as well as presenting our favorite services that provide luggage storage in Barcelona.

Perhaps the most common problem for travelers is needing a place to find luggage storage near them after checking out of a rental or Airbnb. Although most hotels do offer a luggage storage service, often for free, this is not the case for apartments and other types of rentals.

Unlike hotels, there’s no place to store your bags, and most likely you’ll have to carry your luggage with you. Of course, that’s a problem if you are planning on making the most out of your time in Barcelona. Waiting for your check-in or flight from a cafe is also an option. But, let’s be honest: why would you do that?

To help you “lighten your load” (pun intended!), we’ve gathered more detailed information about all the luggage storage options in Barcelona, where you can drop off your bags.

Locker Barcelona next to Plaça de Catalunya

Locker Barcelona left luggage facility is located next to Plaça de Catalunya, right in the center of Barcelona.

You can visit and re-open your assigned locker as often as you wish within the time you have paid for. Locker Barcelona uses a password to access your locker instead of a key, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

3 different locker sizes can fit different types of suitcases.

DimensionsMedium lockers€4.50 / dayLarge€8.50 / dayXL Lockers€14.50 / day
Height45 cm60 cm90cm
Width40 cm40 cm50cm
Depth50 cm80 cm90 cm

Barcelona Nord Locker Facility

The left luggage locker facility in Barcelona Nord allows you to store your luggage for up to 24 hours and once you can only open the locker once: if you’ve forgotten something inside your bag, you’ll have to make a new payment to re-use it.

Also, these lockers operate with keys — if lost, you’ll have to pay a quite hefty replacement fee. For luggage storage in Barcelona Nord above 1 day, you can arrange it for an extra fee for up to 15 days. These lockers can be found directly across the station in the bus area.

There are roughly 50 white lockers in total and three different sizes to choose from; small, large or lockers for tall equipment such as skis (please note that there are only four of these).

DimensionsSmall lockers:€3.00/dayLarge Lockers€4.00/day
Height61.50 cm51.50 cm
Width28.00 cm55.70 cm
Depth76.60 cm91.60 cm

Luggage Storage Networks

Luggage storage networks and apps are the modern-day solution to a modern-day problem. Companies like Stasher and LuggageHero partner up with local shops to provide secure luggage storage around the city, which you can book via your smartphone.


This is the easiest, most convenient option for travelers traveling around the city or into and out of Barcelona. There are no restrictions on the size, weight, or amount of bags you can leave with Stasher. Just get access to their booking page and place your bags there up to 24 hours before your departure. You can also use the website to track your bags with GPS tracking.

You have access to the Stasher network 24/7, 365 days a year. Bookings can be made up to one day before your flight. They offer insurance of up to €1000 per item per trip.

Stasher is open every day of the year. With access to this network, you can find luggage storage in Barcelona and other European destinations.


If ease of use and accessibility is important to you, then LUGGit might be your best option. LUGGit also offers a mobile app that allows you to access the service from any device. This is highly convenient when you’re on the road and need to track your property easily. It works similarly to Uber and Lyft. You can choose a LUGGit representative through the app to have your luggage delivered and stored in various locations.

Luggage Hero

Another option for storing your luggage for up to a year is Luggage Hero. This one is also very convenient and easy to use. You can book your storage online, and you can also pick up your luggage. This is perfect for a traveler who may have to return to Barcelona.

They offer a mobile app, so you can track the location of the luggage that you stored.

Luggage Storage Locations Near Barcelona Transport Hubs

Before luggage storage apps and networks were a thing, luggage storage services within stations and points of interest were the only option if you wanted to find luggage storage in Barcelona. Although they are way more expensive than their modern-day counterparts, these services are great if you’re searching for a convenient way to store your luggage if you don’t want to leave the vicinity.

Barcelona Airport Luggage Storage: Ideal for Layovers

If you have a several-hour layover at Barcelona Airport, you’ll be pleased to know that you can store your luggage and explore the city without the burden of carrying it around. Barcelona Airport provides a luggage storage service located in the main hall of Terminal 1. The daily fees for the lockers range between €4 and €6, depending on the size. This option is particularly convenient if you want to make the most of your layover and visit some of Barcelona’s famous attractions.

Notably, Barcelona Airport also offers a special deal for bulky packages that need to be stored for several days. This service ensures that you can store your luggage securely while you explore Barcelona at your own pace. Whether you want to visit iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia or indulge in the city’s culinary delights, the airport luggage storage option provides a convenient solution for travelers with layovers.

  • The T1 Excess Baggage office is located on Floor O of the Plaza and remains open 24 hours.
  • Terminal 2’s Excess Baggage in the check-in lobby is open from 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Excess Baggage charges €6 per item for 2 hours and €10/bag for 24 hours of storage.
  • The company charges extra for items over 30 kilograms and a €10 penalty for losing your reclaim ticket.

Terminal 1

In Terminal 1, or T1, they are located in the intermodal lobby, on the lowest level of the Plaza, Floor 0. The service is open 24 hours.

Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, or T2, they are in the check-in lobby.  The service is open from 6.00 to 22.00.

Normal luggage (suitcases or similar) costs €6 per item of luggage, with a weight limit of 30kg per bag (after that, the charge is higher). After the first 2 hours of storage, the cost increases to  €10 per item for 24 hours. There are discounts for longer bookings and booking in bulk, but the costs quickly add up. Also, if you lose your reclaim ticket, you’ll be dinged with a €10 fee. Bag wrapping and international shipping services are also available in the premises.

If you want to double check these details, or read about special luggage requirements, head to the airport’s official website.

Stasher offers secure and convenient Barcelona Airport luggage storage for just €6/bag per day with no hidden fees or weight restrictions.

Barcelona Sants Luggage Storage: Ideal for Train Travelers

If you’re arriving in Barcelona by train or departing soon after, Barcelona Sants luggage storage can be a convenient option. This storage facility is located within Barcelona Sants train station, making it easily accessible for train travelers. It is particularly useful if you have a few hours between train connections or if your hotel is within walking distance of the train station.

Barcelona Sants is the city’s main railway station and one of the city’s busiest transport hubs. However, it is not centrally located. If you only want to leave your luggage for a few hours and stay in the area, storing here is a great option. On the other hand, if you want to explore more central locations in Barcelona, maybe pick another option. To find the luggage storage service, follow the signs for luggage storage (“consigna” in Spanish) and you will find small (80cm x 60cm x 40cm) and large lockers (90cm x 60cm x 50cm) for your luggage. The lockers are open daily from 5.30 to 23.00. Daily prices range from around €4 to €5.30 for each bag.

Barcelona Sants Bus Station Luggage Storage

Barcelona Sants Bus Station, located next to the Sants Train Station, provides the same luggage lockers and terms as Barcelona Nord. As with the Barcelona Nord facility, you should avoid leaving any valuable or sentimental items in the lockers as the area remains available to the public around the clock.

Stasher offers secure, insured, and staffed luggage storage options near Barcelona Sants Bus Station for only €6/ item per day.

Estacion del Nord Bus Station

Run by Alsa, the Barcelona Nord Station is located at 80 Alí Bei Street. While the station doesn’t have a left luggage office, they do provide luggage lockers where you can store your bags for up to 15 days. You’ll find station lockers at platforms 1-7. 

Small lockers cost €3/day and can accommodate items measuring 61.5 cm tall x 28 cm wide x 76.5 cm deep. You’ll pay €4/day for large lockers of the same height but 55.7 cm wide and 91.6 cm deep. However, be aware that you will be charged a fee if you lose your key. Additionally, the station advises that you avoid storing any valuable items in the lockers.
Find safe and insured luggage storage at Barcelona Nord for only €6/item per day and just €5/bag for each additional day.

Private Luggage Storage Centres in Barcelona

Your Hotel or Apartment Landlord: Free and Convenient

One often overlooked option for luggage storage is your hotel or apartment landlord. Many hotels have secure rooms where you can drop off your luggage before check-in time or after check-out. This service allows you to explore the city without worrying about your bags. Similarly, some apartment landlords or rental companies offer luggage storage for their guests.

The advantage of choosing your hotel or Airbnb landlord for luggage storage is the convenience and often free-of-charge service. It’s particularly beneficial if you’re staying close to the tourist sites you plan to visit that day. However, it’s essential to check with your accommodation provider in advance to ensure they offer this service and to understand any specific policies or restrictions.

Locker Barcelona

Locker Barcelona is another excellent option for storing your luggage conveniently and centrally in Barcelona. Located near the Plaça Catalunya, Locker Barcelona offers a range of locker sizes to accommodate different types of luggage. Whether you have a cabin bag or a larger suitcase, Locker Barcelona has lockers that can accommodate your needs.

One of the advantages of choosing Locker Barcelona is their user-friendly website, which allows you to book your locker online in advance. This feature can save you time and ensure that you have a locker reserved for your preferred time slot. The fees at Locker Barcelona range from €3 to €10, depending on the size of the locker and the duration of storage. Additionally, Locker Barcelona allows you to open the locker as many times as needed without any extra charges. This flexibility is ideal for travelers who may need to access their belongings multiple times throughout the day.

Moreover, Locker Barcelona’s proximity to the Aerobus stop in Plaça Catalunya and the train station makes it a convenient choice for those arriving or departing from Barcelona by air or rail. Whether you’re heading to the airport or exploring other parts of the city, Locker Barcelona offers a secure and easily accessible storage solution.

  • Medium lockers measure 45 x 40 x 50 centimetres.
  • Large lockers are 60 x 50 x 80 cm
  • Extra-large lockers can accommodate bags up to 90 x 50 x 90 cm
  • Unsecured spaces for oversized items like sporting equipment or musical instruments cost €10 per day

You choose a password to secure your locker. The facility is under 24-hour video surveillance, but there is no attendant.

Luggage Storage Near Barcelona’s Top Attractions

Here are some of the most visited attractions in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia

One of Barcelona’s most famous attractions, La Sagrada Familia Basilica is an example of one of the most unusual architectural designs in the world. Renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí mixed Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau styles to create a cathedral that almost looks like a living being. 

Find convenient and affordable luggage storage near La Sagrada Familia for only €6/ item for 24 hours.

La Rambla

Although La Rambla can be a bit hectic during peak seasons, the area is a must-see for a trip to Barcelona. The 1.3-kilometre flower-lined street connects the Plaza de Cataluña with the city’s old port. La Rambla features unique shops, street artists, live music, and plenty of outdoor dining opportunities.

Stasher offers secure luggage storage near La Rambla for just €6/bag per day.

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)

Situated next to the Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) exhibits fine art from 1940 through contemporary times. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.

Get secure, affordable, and convenient luggage storage near MACBA for only €6 per item per day.

Casa Milà

Built between 1906 and 1912, Casa Milà was the final private residence that Antoni Gaudí designed. The building’s nickname, “La Pedrera,” means “the stone quarry,” referring to the wavy stone facade. UNESCO designated the edifice a World Heritage Site in 1984. You can visit the site every day from 9 am to 6:30 pm.

Stasher offers luggage storage near Casa Milà for only €6/item for 24 hours.

Passeig de Gràcia

Located just off the Plaça de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia is home to many of Barcelona’s top sites, including Gaudi’s Casa Batlló and the Spanish Perfume Museum.

You can also do some shopping, dine in Michelin-star restaurants, and browse the masterpieces in the fine art galleries.

Find affordable luggage storage near the Passeig de Gràcia for only €6/item per day.

Park Güell

Encompassing 17 hectares, Park Güell has been providing Barcelona’s residents with an inspirational green space for over 100 years. However, most tourists visit the park to see Gaudí’s incredible mosaiced perimeter wall commissioned by the Güell family, who collaborated with the renowned architect on the park’s design.

Stasher provides secure and convenient luggage storage near Park Güell for just €6 per bag for a full 24 hours.

barcelona luggage storage

Secure luggage storage at Barcelona Businesses

Stasher partners with many of Barcelona’s most respected businesses to offer you a wide range of luggage storage options. Here’s a map of all our StashPoints in Barcelona.

Most of our Barcelona luggage storage locations stay open late or remain available 24 hours. You can easily access your luggage to collect something you need from your bags or pick them up early. On the flip side, you can leave your bags past your reservation time if you choose to stay longer or take a side trip to Ibiza.

Affordable Barcelona Luggage Storage

Stasher’s economical luggage storage in Barcelona only costs €6 per item per day and just €5 for each additional day. You can reserve your luggage storage online in minutes with PayPal or a major credit card.

Barcelona Information

Located on the northeastern coast of Spain, Barcelona is the capital of the country’s Catalonia region. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage. The Romans founded the city, which later joined the Kingdom of Aragon before becoming a part of Spain.

Today, Barcelona has a population of around 1.6 million residents. The city is home to two of Spain’s most prestigious universities and is Spain’s foremost tech hub. But most travelers visit Barcelona to see architectural works by Antoni Gaudí, enjoy the beaches, gorge on delicious tapas, and dance until the wee hours in the city’s many nightclubs. Barcelona also makes the ideal starting point for heading to the Island of Ibiza, famous for its extravagant parties and pristine beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there alternative luggage storage options in Barcelona?

Barcelona Airport provides luggage storage lockers through Excess Baggage, which you’ll find at both terminals. The service costs €12 for 24 hours, and the company charges a €10 penalty if you lose your receipt.

You’ll also find railway luggage storage at the Sants train station. Look for the sign that reads “Consigna” on the below-ground-level car park. The service costs €10 per day for items that measure 210 cm or less after adding up length, width, and height. Oversized items like sporting equipment are €15 for each 24-hour period. The Consigna hours are from 7 am to 11 pm daily.

How do I book my Barcelona luggage storage with Stasher?

The easiest way to reserve your luggage storage in Barcelona is by downloading the Stasher App for iOS or Android. Alternatively, you can book through our website portal.

Can I change my drop-off and pick-up times?

Yes, you’re always free to change your travel and luggage storage plans.

What are the opening hours for Barcelona luggage storage?

All of our Barcelona luggage storage StashPoints open early and remain available late into the evening or offer 24-hour access.

Can I access something in my luggage after I drop it off?

Yes, you can always stop by your StashPoint to retrieve items from storage during the StashPoint’s opening hours.

What if I can’t book my luggage storage online?

Our apps offer the simplest way to reserve and manage your luggage storage in Barcelona. However, if you need assistance, you can email us at or Our friendly customer service personnel are available 24/7.


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